Who’s behind the FARSe?

The FARSe, Festival des Arts de la Rue de Strasbourg, represents three days of celebration and reverie. The FARSe is a unique festival. The FARSe represents dozens of French and foreign companies who come to delight our eyes, our ears, and our heart. Well, you probably already knew that. But do you know who is behind this event?

The organizers of the FARSe

The festival is organised by the City of Strasbourg and it is therefore the services of the local government that, throughout the year, have thrown themselves into preparing a program for you.

Mathieu Cahn, Deputy Mayor of Strasbourg, speaks about the festival in these words:

“We want to share with as many people as possible the magic and emotions of this FARSe 2018, which is no longer just part of the Strasbourg agenda, but is now part of the national calendar of major street arts events.”

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And yes, the FARSe is indeed a national event which, every summer, includes Strasbourg in the itinerary of street arts aficionados. And it is for this reason that the festival associates itself each year with an artist from the field. This year, Claire Ducreux, the festival’s new artistic director and choreographic artist, has concocted a vibrant and poetic journey that will certainly enchant you.

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FARSe is also made up of dozens of volunteers, amateur or professional, passionate or curious, students or retirees: there is something for everyone!

Volunteers are present on all the festival sites to guide you, ensure the smooth running of the shows, welcome the artists and the public.

Want to be a part of the fantastic team?