What’s the FARSe?

For the last 4 years FARSe, Strasbourg Street Arts Festival, has invited the public to see the city in a new light. Over three days, the streets are taken over by dozens of French and international performers to make us dream, to make us laugh or to make us cry.

Organized by the City of Strasbourg, the festival is an opportunity for the initiated to indulge themselves and the uninitiated to discover the magic of street arts.

This year FARSe once again has plenty of surprises for all spectators.

A word from the organizers

Mathieu CAHN

Deputy Mayor of Strasbourg

“For the 4th year of FARSe (Strasbourg Street Arts Festival) we have once again decided to enlist the help of a performer to motivate a unique program and develop the festival still further.

Claire Ducreux, choreographer and performer, who has had us dancing with her performances, has been chosen to succeed Ali Salmi.

For her first year as artistic advisor we offer you a 2018 festival in her image: Full of gentleness and fellowship for an emotional and magnificent festival.

These shows that will transform our city for three days will give an a place in the public arena on a scale ranging from the intimate to the spectacular but always reaching the widest possible audience.

For the first time this year, young audiences will have a dedicated program, so they can experience street arts for the first time in a format suitable for children and their families.

The festival particularly owes its openness and dynamism to the ever-increasing involvement of enthusiastic volunteers, without whom the story would be less delightful and I would like to thank them here for their commitment.

For this festival we want to offer you a thrilling event that will be forever etched in your brain as a tender yet mischievous memory. We want to share with as many people as possible the magic and emotions of this FARSe 2018, which is no longer just part of the Strasbourg agenda, but is now part of the national calendar of major street arts events.”

Claire Ducreux

Artistic Director for 2018

“Dear audience!
A big hello and a huge welcome to the festival of the federation of street arts of Strasbourg!

More than twenty companies and as many unique and moving worlds are going to bring craziness, intensity and poetry to the streets of the city,

kicking over the traces of convention and acceptability with their powerful, emotional artistic offerings,

and giving us a taste of their craziness and freedom, reminding us of our own.

3 days packed with times of suspense, shared emotions, unexpected magic and moments of complicity…

Each show renews the pleasure of being together and expecting the unexpected,

walking the tightrope on the edge of our emotions,

ready to let ourselves be carried away by the generosity,
authenticity and magic of street theater.

I am happy, moved and impatient to share FARSe 2018 with you. This popular artistic meeting, goes beyond age, nationality and social class and feeds the heart and the soul.

I wish you a pleasant, moving, enjoyable and overwhelming festival.”

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