Did you know that since 2015, the community of FARS’ers has helped the festival to become the success it is today?

FARSe needs volunteers, who are the lifeblood of the festival and make it so unique.

But who are the FARSers?

They are women, men, students, people who are working or not, retired people, artists, technicians, accountants, young and old, who all share a passion for events and human relations.

Throughout the festival period, this incredible team supports the companies, is involved in the technical installation, informs the public or ensures that the shows run smoothly.

For one and all, it’s a great opportunity to experience the festival from the inside, share from close up the artists’ nerves, as well as their generosity, madness and emotion.

Being a volunteer at FARSe can become an exceptional human and artistic experience that is often rich in emotion and unexpected joys!

Several positions are available:

  • Welcoming the companies
  • Welcoming and informing the public
  • Technical support (site management, riders, etc.)

Whether you are a novice or an experienced volunteer, a Street Performance enthusiast or not, the FARSE team welcomes all profiles!

How do you become a FARS’er?

Already interested? Fill in the dedicated online form to offer your support and share your availability.

Become a volunteer

For more information about the roles and how it works, do not hesitate to contact the Events department