Did you know that the FARSer community has been helping to make the festival a success since 2015?

To give it life and soul and make it special, FARSe needs volunteers.

But who are the FARSers?

They are men and women, students, employed, unemployed or retired, performers, technicians, accountants, young and old, who all share a passion for events and human relations.

For the duration of the festival, this formidable team supports the companies, helps with technical installation, provides information to the public and ensures the smooth running of the shows.

It is a great opportunity for everyone to experience the festival from the inside, to share the performers’ stage fright and to experience their generosity, their craziness and their emotion close up.

Being a FARSe volunteer can be an amazing human and artistic experience, often rich in emotions and unexpected pleasure!

Volunteers are needed for several roles:

  • Company hospitality
  • Public hospitality and information
  • Technical support (managing sites, riders, etc.)

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or experienced, a Street Theater enthusiast or not, the FARSE team has a role for everyone!

Are you interested now? Fill in the form to offer your support and tell us when you are available.

For more information about the volunteer positions please contact the Events department.