Cie Rouages

No other path than the one traced by this wire in the sky, no other silence but the long resonances of the ondes Martenot, no other memory of this evening than the one we are experiencing together right now. “Ondes” is a high level musical and tightrope walking performance, which aims to create a unique poetic moment and to generate a strong collective emotion.

Aurélien Prost: Funambulist
Maël Oudin: Double bass and composition
Monique Pierrot: Ondes Martenot
Anouk Germser: Singing
Victor Binot: Drums
Sébastien Penet, Delphine Dupin: Riggers
Alexis Boulas: Sound
Laure Hieronymus: Costume

With the financial support of the Région Grand Est and the Département de la Meuse.