EuroStrasbourg? Old Europe and its relationship with Strasbourg on the couch

Agence Nationale de Psychanalyse Urbaine et le BIG

“A people only exists with narrators and contours. Today, we still don’t know where Europe comes from and where it ends. That’s also Europe’s tragedy: it touches the head but not the heart. We must find a way to remedy this.”

Régis Debray. Contributions to the great history of urban psychoanalysis p. 43

Founded in 2008, the A.N.P.U. (National Agency of Urban Psychoanalysis) has been given the tricky task of psychoanalysing the whole world. An unmissable step, Europe with its distinctive family ties with Strasbourg represents in itself a real textbook case that must be untangled as quickly as possible before a new Brexit descends upon us.

The fruit of a vast survey carried out at the four corners of the continent and multiple couch projects set up at the very heart of the city of Strasbourg, a hilarious conference enlivened with breathtaking images will make it possible to see things a little more clearly and finally find solutions.