La Traversée de Strasbourg, retour en terre promise

From 1 to 17 July, come to meet Boijeot.Renauld, who is undertaking a solo, non-stop crossing of the city full of intersections. On turning into a street or a square, an artist appears with his housing unit in a district of Strasbourg. This new neighbour is moving his furniture by hand and heading towards Parc de la Bergerie. This slow movement allows him to meet his neighbours, who themselves can meet their neighbours, who themselves… you get the picture!
An action to promote peaceful neighbourliness and altruism.

For 17 days, Boijeot.renauld will be near you, around a street corner, at a crossroads, outside a block of flats. Feel free to go to say hello and stop at his table for a few minutes. It’s what he’s waiting for!

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