Getting around the FARSe

With all these landmarks, you will never get lost at FARSe.

The headquarters

FARSe reception

La Cour du FARSe is THE fixed information point of the festival. Situated in the Cour de l’école Pasteur, Rue des Veaux, this is where you will find all the information you need for working out your route, as well as a refreshments bar, restaurants and activities for young and old.

FARSe des minis

On the presqu’île André Malraux, the very young are invited to experience their (first?) street arts festival with the FARSe des Minis.

The volunteers

Easy to spot among the thousands of visitors, with their yellow hats, their energy and their smiles, the FARSe volunteers are an essential part of the festival. On the technical side, for performers and the public, they know all there is to know about the program, all the best routes and are there to guide you right through the festival.
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The totems

Meeting point, information point, totems are the festival landmarks. An idea of the association Art Puissance Art, they will be there to support you throughout the 3 days of the festival.