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Since FARSe’s creation, the City of Strasbourg has wanted to give the festival a distinctive dimension, entrusting its programming to a single artist.

For the second consecutive year, Lucile Rimbert will bring her perspective to the festival.

A word from FARSe’s artistic director

Nowadays, you have to be strong to calmly accept the spectacle of poverty, social injustice, lies and arrogance that is corrupting all the world’s major cities; you must not be sensitive. However, it is in this sidestep, this movement towards sensitivity and the individual that art’s emancipatory function lies.

For us street performers, the public space is first and foremost a realm of possibilities, where our practices can bring a renewed sense of enchantment to the everyday and invite people to take a sideways shift to see and reinvent our living environment. Where we compose with everyone, whether they are a resident or someone passing through, with the architecture, the weather and the landscape. Where a fertile disorder transforms the ordinary: a beach becomes a circus ring, a block of flats turns into gymnastics apparatus, a trolley becomes a radio.

So, in our city, we are going to take the time,
we are going to breathe a little differently,
just a little stronger,
just a little slower,
to get out of our usual habit.
We’ll be going beyond the city centre,
we’ll be double-crossing indifference,
we’ll be changing perspective.

And together we will be diving into our imaginary cities with their multiple, artistic dimensions.

Lucile Rimbert

Artistic director of FARSe 2021