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A word from FARSe’s artistic director

Counter to keeping one’s distance, leaving words left unsaid, misunderstandings and other snap judgements, counter to my mistrust, your distrust, there is getting out of the house, meeting someone new, hitting the road, working on positive or cautious relations between our poles of existence.

There is FARSe.

Leaning on your shoulder. Taking an interest in the details of your breathing when you laugh. Getting goosebumps from an acrobatic display. Noticing a crease in someone’s skin, catching the eye of a passer-by. Discovering the sensation of a feather landing on my cheek.

You, the other, the one I don’t know, that I’ve never met, who is no doubt foreign to me and whose point of view I don’t share. The one I wildly want to meet, despite my own prejudices. FARSe is there for us to cross paths. Humanity is never so great as when it plays as a team.

So this summer, there are people to meet and things to organise.

Because to be truly organised is to love one another.

This summer, you can count on FARSe to bring people closer together.

Lucile Rimbert

Artistic director of FARSe 2022