Behind the scenes of the FARSe…


-> Getting ready for three days of bustle!

What is the set going to be like inside the Cour du FARSe 2018?

On the theme of emotion, lively and bucolic poetry, we offer you a getaway in a very colorful universe, that the association Art Puissance Art is currently building at the Espace Colod’Art!

Buzzing with excitement, the whole team is giving 100% to transform this courtyard into a meeting place ; a place where you can relax and where everyone will be able to stroll about as they wish.

Here is a little preview of the worksite:

Thanks again to all those who actively worked on the realization of the set to impress you next August 10th, 11th and 12th!

We will see you at the heart of the Festival des Arts de la rue, more precisely at the Cour du FARSe, rue des Veaux in Strasbourg, with Art Puissance Art -> food service on site, a wonderful set to spend a friendly moment there!