Geneviève Wendelski

Strolling story teller, accordion player and bio-art instructor, Geneviève Wendelski delves into unfathomable and bountiful depths of stories. With enthusiastic Belgian and French guides (l’Ecole du Conte de Bruxelles – Hamadi, Kowarsky, Hindenoch, les Baladins du Miroir, Espinassous… and others), she creates meetings in this perhaps not so distant world, as if on the other side of a mirror.

In 2007 passion became profession when she created the Compagnie Conte Hors Sillon with Lénaïc Eberlin. Sharing their passion for stories, unusual places, cooking, the environment, roaming and music, they put together baffling shows that convened at road intersections.

Alone or in a group, Geneviève weaves her projects with the disciplines she loves: dance, clowning, object theater, singing, accordion playing, improvisation, pictures, etc. She plays, explores, experiments. Her words drift on the wind which carries them to your ears.