Fred Radix

Le Siffleur is performed by Fred Radix, who has been working as a comedian and musician since 1994. Radix created the street theater company “Les Mange-Cailloux”, a musical burlesque group in which he was comedian, author and composer. The company has been around for 12 years, with 6 productions and more than 600 performances in a dozen countries.

Since 1999 he has created theatrical shows and musicals under his own name: “Récital à domicile” (1999), “Strapontin” (2002), “Une chanson derrière la tête” (2005), “Le meilleur ami du chien” (2008), “Are you Radix” (2010), “Récital Man Show” (2012), “Le Siffleur” (2013). A total of more than 700 performances with notable appearances at the Festival du Chaînon Manquant, Festival d’Avignon, Coup de cœur Francophone in Québec and in Paris (Bobino, Café de la Danse, l’Européen, la Cigale and le Point-Virgule).